Best tips for affordable auto insurance

Auto insurance is a requirement in almost all states in the US. Everyone is required by law to have at least a particular type of auto insurance if they own a car. Although vehicle insurance can be quite expensive if you add up the cost in a year, there are certain ways to make it more affordable to you. This article provides the best tips for car owners looking to obtain cheaper rates for premium when it comes to insuring their car against accidents and physical damage.

10 tips for cheaper auto insurance


1. Increase your deductibles

Raising your amount of deductibles will provide you affordable auto insurance quotes. Generally, your insurance rates reduce as your deductibles increase. However, it’s important to understand that raising deductibles to minimize the premium payment will not work for everybody. It will be a great option for you if you have a good driving history and the risk of accident is not high. Your deductible is only payable to the insurance company when the risk occurs. So, it will be a nice idea if you can go on for a long time without having any claims that require payments of your deductibles.

2. Compare different quotes

Different insurance companies have their different car insurance quotes, and it will be nice to see what other insurers have to offer. Compare different identical quotes for the types of auto coverage you’re looking for and select the most ideal one for you. The rates are dependent on several factors, such as the payment method (monthly or quarterly), the type of cover (comprehensive, temporary, or third party), and the number of deductibles. Some companies may ask for bigger deductibles but charge lesser premiums while some others may prefer charging higher premiums with lesser deductibles. Find out about their quotes and select the right plan for your need.

3. Save mileage

Saving mileage is another way to gain affordable car insurance rates. Your insurance rates increase as you cover more miles. In that case, whenever you have to save mileage, do so to reduce your cost of insurance in the future. Planning your routes to cover lesser ground and still getting all you want is a great way to save your car’s miles per hour.

4. Choose one company

If you have different policies with different insurance companies, maybe it’s time to combine all of them into a single company to get multi-policy discounts.

5. Your credit score is important

Insurers look at prospective policy holder’s credit scores before determining the amount of premium chargeable on a policy. It’s a good thing to keep your credit score high in order to attract affordable premiums. Individuals with poor credit scores will even find it difficult to obtain a car insurance cover, and even if they do get one, it will be quite expensive because they will be judged not very responsible to stay out of risks. Generally, the higher the risk the higher the insurance cost. Hence, having a high credit score will improve your insurance rates and allow you pay cheaper rates.

6. Consider temporary auto insurance

Temporary auto insurance is a great way to save on insurance cost if you have a vehicle you’re not driving often. Instead of taking up comprehensive auto coverage for such a car, a cheaper alternative is temporary auto insurance.

7. Ensure that your driving record is clean

When your driving history is devoid of accidents and tickets, insurance companies will be willing to beat down your premium rates. Insurers deal with risks and they are ready to offer discounts for drivers with low propensity for accidents and risk claims. If you have gotten a lot of tickets from reckless driving or have had a lot of accidents, be ready to pay higher rates for your auto insurance. So, it’s important to drive safely and carefully, even when you’ve not considered getting auto insurance.

8. Find out if the insurer provides discounts

Most insurance companies provide one form of discount or the other, but if you don’t request, they may not offer such to you. If you have taken care of some safety measures in your car to prevent risk occurrence, ask the company to provide discount on your rates. Most of them will gladly oblige when they see your efforts have substantially reduced the risk.

9. Drop certain coverage

Your insurance coverage will include a lot of clauses you may not need. This coverage adds up to the overall cost of the policy. Find out what your insurance covers and drop anyone you don’t really need.

10. Drive a cheaper or older car

Generally, insurance companies charge higher rates for cars with scarce or expensive parts. Sports and luxury cars are also more expensive to insure, so you need to consider the type of car you want to drive if you are looking to cut down on insurance cost.

How much level of protection do you need?

There are different levels of protection for auto insurance as it includes a wide range of coverage. If you want a combination of liability coverage, physical damage, and bodily injury, your insurance cost will be higher than another individual who wants a single coverage. But the amount of coverage you select should be enough to cover for the cost of your asset in case of accidents. Your insurance broker should be able to advice you on the most ideal coverage that’s enough for you.


Getting an affordable auto insurance is a question of doing some things right and knowing what’s best for you. The above tips, when properly followed, can help you save a considerable amount of money on your auto insurance policy.