How to save on car insurance

If you have a vehicle, having car insurance is a necessity, as the benefits will come in handy when the car is involved in an accident. But you don’t have to pay more than necessary to maintain a car insurance policy. There are several ways to make car insurance cost less expensive to you. You can decide to improve your credit score, increase your deductibles, remove certain coverage from your policies, and shop around for a cheaper policy. Let’s look at these solutions one after the other and find out how they can help lower your overall insurance cost.

Improve your credit score

At the start of car insurance contract, one of the most important things insurance companies look at before determining your premium is your credit score. Obviously, an individual with a better credit score will have a fairer insurance cost than someone with bad credit score. Your faithfulness in settling your bills will go a long way to determine what you’re going to be charged as your insurance premium. The idea behind this is because most insurers feel individuals who manage their personal life properly will be more careful when driving and less likely to file for claims. If your credit score is good, you can ask your insurer for some discounts, which most of them should gladly oblige, except in Massachusetts or California where insurers are not allowed to base their premium rating on the policy holder’s credit score.

Raise those deductibles

One of the best ways to save on car insurance is to raise the amount of money the insurance company is expected to reduce from your claims amount in the event of an accident. As you increase your deductibles, the insurance company reduces your premium amount to a certain percentage, leaving you with lesser amount to pay as premium. Although this may seem like a slight gamble, because you never know whether accidents will occur soon, but it should be a viable cost-saving option if you have a history of safe driving.

Drop certain coverages

A car insurance policy usually involves different cover, including third party cover and liability cover. Each of these cover increases your premium. It’s possible to lower your premiums by removing some coverage you may not need. For instance, you can reduce the number of drivers included in the coverage, as more drivers will definitely raise the insurance amount. Again, if you have both comprehensive and collusion insurance on your car, you can drop one because both of them will never pay more than the worth of your car. It just only adds to the overall premium you are going to pay. Instead of bundling these covers in a single policy, you can decide to have one and set aside some amount of money to personally repair your car whenever it’s involved in a minor accident. This will minimize the amount of clause included in the policy which certainly reduces the insurance cost.

Shop your policy

Searching for a cheaper policy is another great way on how to save for auto insurance. Try as much as possible to compare rates among different insurance companies and select the most ideal one for you. Some companies offer better insurance rates than others, so it’s important to shop around and find more favorable pricing options for your needs.


The above are some of the major ways to on how to save money on car insurance. With proper research on different policies, your seriousness to improve your score, and deciding to reduce your deductibles, you will no doubt cut down on some things that add up pretty fast on your overall premium payments.